Releasing ironic-staging-driversΒΆ

This section is relevant to the maintainers of ironic-staging-drivers. You have to be a member of the ironic-staging-drivers-release group to do releases.

  1. Verify that the CI works via a dummy patch.

  2. Create a signed tag locally:

    git tag -s -m "Release <version>" <version>
  3. Push the new tag to gerrit:

    git push gerrit <version>
  4. Wait for the new release to appear on PyPI, contact the infra team in case of any issues.

  5. If a stable branch is needed, go to the branches section of the ironic-staging-drivers settings in gerrit and add a new branch from the newly created tag.

  6. If a stable branch has been created, submit a change for it that:

    1. updates .gitreview with a new defaultbranch,
    2. updates extra-requirements.txt with a link to ironic stable,
    3. updates tox.ini to use upper constraints from the corresponding release.

    See the stable/xena patch for an example.